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Birth Injuries

New Jersey Birth Injury Attorneys

When expecting parents plan out the birth of their new baby, the last thing on their mind is how they will handle the devastation of a medical malpractice birth injury. Unfortunately, there are many parents who are left to deal with the aftermath of such accidents and the catastrophic injuries that can afflict their newborn baby for years or even a lifetime.

If your baby was injured by a medical professional’s negligence or carelessness during birth, it is imperative that you seek the legal representation of a highly experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. It is important that you know what your rights are and what options are available to pursue justice in your case. It is likely that you may be entitled to recover damages to help ease the financial and emotional burdens of:

  • Hospital and medical bills
  • Medical supply and equipment costs
  • Surgical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Pain, suffering and psychological trauma

Birth injury victims may require a lifetime of expensive medical care, and can be extremely taxing on the whole family. Birth injuries that occur during childbirth can have serious mental and physical consequences. Some of the most common birth injuries are:

  • Cerebral Palsy – Cerebral palsy is a birth injury that affects many babies every year. This birth injury is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. Cerebral palsy causes many different problems, including poor motor skills, breathing difficulties, seizures, poor sense perception, and poor bowel or bladder control. Cerebral palsy is a permanent disability.
  • Erb’s Palsy – Erb”s Palsy is a birth injury that is caused by damaging the brachial plexus nerve near the shoulder. The brachial plexus nerve controls arm movement and sensation. Serious forms of Erb”s palsy can be permanent. Erb”s palsy can cause things like upper body paralysis, lack of arm movement, limpness, and lack of muscle control.
  • Hypoxia – Hypoxia is the medical term for a lack of oxygen reaching the brain. As a birth injury, leaving the head in the birth canal too long, or improper use of vacuum devices, can cause hypoxia. Like cerebral palsy, hypoxia can have permanent affects on the victim”s life. Hypoxia can cause serious medical problems, including death, coma, seizures, breathing problems, and brain damage.

Birth injuries can be caused by obstetrical malpractice including failure or delay in responding to fetal distress, failure to properly read fetal monitoring data, the administration of too much Pitocin, as well as improper use of vacuum extraction devices or forceps. Birth injury claims can be complex and difficult. While some birth injuries are apparent soon after the child in born, other birth injuries may be detected months or years after the childbirth.

Birth Injury Cases in Essex, Union, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Middlesex, Monmouth and Mercer Counties

Our focus and top priority in serious personal injury cases such as this, is to help produce the very best result possible for you and your family. We understand the great difficulty that parents are made to endure after their child has been hurt and always strive to provide the information you need, when it is needed and in a way that is both easy to understand and act on.

We are experienced negotiators and trial litigators and are committed to relentlessly fighting on your behalf for the results you need and deserve. We have virtually unlimited resources in order to effectively investigate and pursue your case and will put our knowledge, talent and high level of skill to work for you so that you can have the peace of mind that your legal situation is being handled by a firm that extremely proficient in these types of cases and will work to get results.

Contact a New Jersey birth injury attorney at our firm now to discuss the details of your personal injury case and find out what you may be entitled to.