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Construction Accidents

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Can I file a construction accident lawsuit?

Construction work is considered one of the most dangerous civilian jobs by the Department of Labor based on statistics of injuries and fatalities. This should not be the case at all, but it is. Despite legislation enacted to create a safer work environment and to clarify the responsibilities of contractors, employers, project owners and the like, the statistics do not improve greatly. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance does provide the injured worker or surviving family with some benefits. Too often these benefits prove inadequate. If you have been seriously injured on the job site or while carrying out an assigned task or you have lost a loved one in a construction accident you need to contact New Jersey Work Accident Lawyer immediately.

Construction Injury Law Firm

Very often an injured person doesn’t know the actual cause of his or her work injury. It may be that a supervisor or general contractor carelessly or deliberately assigned a dangerous task. It may also be that a defective machine, equipment or tool was involved. A construction project which is using substandard materials or which deviates from the plans and specifications, or even a defective design could be the cause of the disaster. Property owners, general contractors, construction managers, architects, developers and other connected corporations are heavily insured. Their insurance companies retain clever, high-powered attorneys to protect them from having to pay damages to claimants. It takes an experienced and aggressive construction accident lawyer with a thorough knowledge of all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards to succeed in these lawsuits.

We have the resources needed to conduct a full investigation into a construction accident to uncover and preserve vital evidence, properly identify all liable individuals and entities, and prepare a compelling case. Because accident scenes change quickly, fast action is crucial. Don’t lose your opportunity to recover full compensation for your damages by hesitating.

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