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Dangerous Medical Devices

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In this age of technology, many medical devices have been produced to aid patients to sustain life or improve their lives. Sadly too many of these have proven to cause their own injuries without warning. Any designer or producer of a medical device must show extensive testing results to the scientists in the medical device section of the FDA in order to gain approval to market it to hospitals, doctors and the like. In spite of this, recalls of defective medical devices hit an all time high in the first part of 2010. Anyone who has been seriously injured by a medical device is strongly urged to speak with a New Jersey medical device lawyer today and get a free consultation.

For a patient who, because of an existing medical condition, could benefit from the use of or insertion into the body of a medical device, the prospect of improved mobility or quality of life can seem heaven sent. The tragic consequences of a defective device can be very serious. This may result in permanent injury, additional surgeries to remove the device and repair the injuries, brain damage or death. As with pharmaceutical products (drugs), doctors must rely upon the medical device supplier or manufacturer to inform them of the benefits and any hazards connected with the use of the device.

A patient generally puts trust in his or her doctor to fully explain or provide full information concerning any potential dangers. Designers and manufacturers of medical devices have an obligation to be particularly careful in this, as the consumer very often already has a compromising health condition. Failure to provide a dependable design, failure to manufacture according to the design, failure to withdraw a device which is faulty, and failure to warn or properly instruct may all be grounds for a product liability claim. It takes a highly skilled dangerous medical device lawyer to understand the sometimes very complex science involved along with superlative communication skills to help a jury understand the negligence involved.

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We represent individuals against some of the largest medical device manufacturers in the country. We can evaluate your possible claim relating to any medical device, including dangerous products for which there has already been a recall:

We have the experience and resources to take on major manufacturers of medical devices in pursuit of rightful damages for our clients. We have handled complex, multi-district litigation and class action lawsuits. We hire experts in product engineering and manufacturing, surgical implantation, medical electronics and related fields to demonstrate the failure and to establish a connection between the device and the adverse patient outcome.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective or dangerous drug, Contact a New Jersey dangerous medical device attorney today for a free consulation.