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Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in New Jersey

Dram Shop, Social Host and Drunk Driving Cases

Injuries that result from a drunk driving accident have a much higher likelihood to be catastrophic or fatal. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that drunk drivers often do not realize their speed. This, amongst other factors, contributes greatly to the likelihood that an individual involved in a drunk driving accident is more likely to be severely hurt. We understand how difficult drunk driving accidents can be for individuals and family members. Many people are understandably outraged upon finding out that the injuries their loved one has sustained could have been prevented. Our firm is highly experienced in representing those that have been injured in a drunk driving accident.

Suffering due to the negligence and wrongful conduct of another driver can be extremely trying to say the least. Not only must one deal with the physical pain and suffering, but the emotional trauma as well. When this is compounded with the fact that one’s injuries were avoidable, it can be too much for one individual to bear. We have helped many that were seriously injured with nowhere to turn to overcome the obstacles facing them and move on with their life. Obtaining the necessary medical care is possibly the most important factor after a drunk driving accident. Speak with a New Jersey personal injury attorney from the firm today.

Our law firm has helped numerous clients that have sustained injuries as a result of a drunk driving accident. Drunk driving accidents may leave one unable to care for themselves and reliant on the help of others. Our firm utilizes every resource available to recover the compensation that our clients are due.

How a New Jersey Lawyer Can Help

Under New Jersey’s dram shop laws, the following parties may also be held financially liable for injuries and fatalities resulting from drunk driving accidents:

  • Bars and restaurants: Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other liquor-serving establishments have a duty to serve alcohol responsibly. If alcohol is negligently served to someone who is visibly intoxicated, and that individual subsequently causes a DWI accident, the liquor-serving establishment might be held financially responsible.
  • Social hosts: When a social host (an individual who has invited another individual onto his or her property, usually for a party or social gathering) serves alcohol to an individual who is obviously intoxicated, and the intoxicated individual subsequently causes an accident resulting in the serious bodily injury or wrongful death of another individual, the social host can be held financially responsible for the negligent service of alcohol.
  • Liquor stores: If a liquor store or other establishment selling liquor sells alcohol to a minor and that minor subsequently causes a drunk driving accident, the establishment can be held financially liable for its negligent service of alcohol to a minor.

Our New Jersey dram shop liability lawyers help drunk driving accident victims and their families through the aftermath of a devastating crash. We thoroughly investigate the accident and all avenues of liability in order to maximize your financial recovery for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other financial hardships.

New Jersey Drunk Driving Injury Law Firm

If your family has been affected by the negligent actions of a drunk driver or the negligent service of alcohol, talk to an experienced dram shop accident lawyer. Contact a New Jersey drunk driving accident lawyer today for a free consultation.