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NJ Motorcyclist Alice King Dies in Crash Caused by Making Left Turn

Alice King, a 47 year old resident of Hopatcong, died as a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred on October 7, 2011 in Mount Olive, New Jersey. The accident occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m. when King was traveling Route 46 East. As she approached the intersection of Old Wolfe Road, another driver identified as Virginia Howard, 62, of Budd Lake, attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of King’s motorcycle. Unfortunately, King was unable to avoid Howard’s vehicle resulting in her motorcycle striking the passenger side and ejecting King from the bike. The Mount Olive Police investigation determined that King had the right of way when her motorcycle struck the passenger side of the car.

King was transported by ambulance to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center, where she died shortly after arriving from her injuries.

Mount Olive Police are still investigating this accident and to date no charges have been filed. Regardless, of whether criminal charges are filed against Ms. Howard, King’s family certainly has a viable civil action against Howard for her negligence that resulted in King’s death. Under New Jersey law, a person seeking to make a left-hand turn has the duty to seek an opportune moment and to exercise a degree of care in proportion to the increased danger involved in the turn. Clearly, Ms. Howard was negligent in that duty, which unfortunately ended in the accidental death of Alice King.

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